Penhiwpal Shooting Club

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About Our Club

Members have a wide range of shooting interests from precision target to plinking and including sporting and hunting. They use a wide variety of guns from air pistols and rifles through .22 rimfire rifles and pistol calibre centrefire rifles to shotguns, muzzle loading pistols, revolvers & rifles, and full bore rifles.
Membership is subject to a six-month probationary membership period. Juniors and ladies are welcome.
There is a common misconception that shooting is an elitist sport. Nothing could be further from the truth. Target shooters are ordinary people who enjoy the challenge and mental discipline of target shooting.

To join, attend one of the Open Days the club holds during the year (on the last Sunday of each month) -
Bring some I.D. with you (preferably with your photo on it). Attend between 11am and 2pm and ask for the Duty Officer.
During this visit we can explain the procedure for joining in greater detail and if you wish to apply for membership, give you a form which needs to be completed and returned.
We can then instigate police checks and once these are completed you may attend as a probationary member.
We shoot postal league competitions for most types of gun. These are shot in divisions composed of shooters with similar abilities. We also have a number of regular internal club competitions.
Competing encourages shooting regularly which will naturally cause the shooter's skill to develop, but if you just want to "plink" that's okay too.

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